Kindness is golden. Honey, you are golden.


Hey beautiful ones! 

Thank you so much for checking out my sale. Some items are one of a kind & won’t ever be made again, others may make a come back but with larger quantities. 

I wanted to have this sale because sometimes I don’t make enough, or somehow set them aside and forget I made them for a while. It’s kind of like a K Eleven cleaning detox. Out with the old in with the new. Normally I have these at markets as discounted items but spring, market season had a huge change this year so I decided to share them all here with you! 

I will be posting these on my sample sale Instagram page as well. Which will be available to purchase with confirmation that they are still available and not sold out online. 

Earring posts: iron, nickel free.

Fishook: brass. 


The quin style & some others aren’t as low because they will be 100% coming back I just don’t know when yet, but hey who doesn’t lovvee a bit of a discount right?