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The Brigitte

The Brigitte

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The Brigitte

  • Meaning: Power & strength 

These uniquely handmade earrings are made from scratch with polymer clay. The Brigittes were inspired by the road less traveled, or how sometimes you might not know what the outcome of something might bring but it ends up being exactly what you needed. Slight variations may apply with each pair, I try my best to match each pair or earrings together.

Even though the brand of clay I use is very durable, & when warm or body temperature it is very flexible, I still tell my customers to Handle them with care, treat them as you would a pair of diamond earrings. If they are taken care of they will have a long life time.  

Fishhook: Brass 


**the earring posts are reinforced when making the earrings, they should never come out, of taken care of. When glue is used to secure posts over time they may pop off.