Meraki Collection Drop 2020

Hey babes guess what! If you didn’t know already, now you will! I decided to re-launch my Meraki Collection. Sweet hey? It’s a collection that means so much to me! The colours I use are all inspirited my things I absolutely adore, form sunset tones to earthy vibes, hey and even some tie dye. It’s all colours & styles I absolutely love. You will also see new colours for Claymer Studs too.

When I drop this 2020 version, it won’t have much from last year’s collection ....but I will be restocking some from last year throughout the next coming months!  

Subscribe to my mailing list & head to my Instagram page to keep up to date on exciting news like a release date!  I highly recommend turning my post & story notifications on, on Instagram because some of these styles & colours are a first come first serve. I will most likely be taking photos of everything and letting you all pick which colour you’d like out of the tie dye options because none of them are the same! And other colours I made 1-3 each because I had extra clay, and they probably won’t be re stocked but only time will tell! 

I’m going to try my best to get this collection finished for beginning of June!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!