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FAQs & Policies

Here’s is where you will will find frequent asked questions & my policies here at K Eleven Designs. ** Please read everything before buying.

What type of metal are the ear posts? 

All my earrings are made with iron, nickel free earring posts. These have been surprisingly great for sensitive ears, a lot of us must have a sensitivity to Nickel. 


How are they supposed to be handled? (Earring care)

With care, I always tell my customers to treat them as you would a pair of diamond earrings, they are handcrafted from scratch. I make them all in the heart of my home.  Being that they are  100% handmade, I hope you can mind the slight imperfections my earrings may have. They are perfectly imperfect. I try my absolute best but because they are handmade it’s hard to make them completely perfect. (Example Dangles may have air bubbles) 

Be cautious with water, do not wear in water, and try not to get wet as it could jeopardize the longevity of your earrings. The Glue is waterproof as well at the clay but I don’t trust the glue! Also avoid sleeping with your earrings. 

My Claymer ball studs are put together with glue my flat studs & Dangles are glue-less! So you don’t have to worry about the posts falling off. but I still tell everyone to follow all of these procausions because things happen and I want your earrings to last a really long time for you! 🖤 

If anything happens to get on your earrings, like makeup, clean with a damp cloth and wipe with a tiny bit of acetone. ( avoid shimmers or earrings with gold/ silver flakes) 

Follow the same care for dangles; but also try not to bend them as some of the clays I use could snap. (Although they’re usually all very durable)  

Brass Studs have either brass or Stainless Steel, nickel & lead free earring posts( The Pipers)

**If any brass pieces were to tarnish you can make a paste with Lemon Juice & salt ( or substitute Baking Soda or Cream of Tartar for salt) and apply to the pieces & let sit on for 5 minutes, then rinse in warm water & dry, then you can polish with a soft cloth and get them back to normal. 🖤 

Where can I purchase K Eleven jewelry?

 Ashley Lane esthetics certified home based salon in Saskatoon, Sk 

Dutch Growers in Saskatoon, Sk

Revolve Café in Saskatoon, Sk

Nevada’s Cutting Room in Biggar, SK

Parker View Brews Tap House in Saskatoon, Sk

Wanuskewin Gift Shop in Saskatoon, SK

Soul Foods Conscious Grocer in Saskatoon, Sk 

Pals Donuts, Saskatoon, Sk

Do you offer returns or exchanges? 

No, because of sanitary reasons all earrings are final sale. If you happen to have any problems with your order sent me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. xox

What are is your shipping policy?

I offer free shipping for Canada wide only, this shipping is untracked & has no warranty. That being said once your order has been sent to the post office I have no control over lost items or damaged goods as I won’t have access to any information. ***If you’ve upgraded your shipping to tracked I offer warranty ( credit ) if anything is damaged. 

International shipping will always be tracked. 


*please note* ex: if you had your Claymer Studs for let’s say 7 days and a ball happened to fall off the post, & it they weren’t worn to bed, swam with, showered/ bathed with, worn during a workout, and it was not your fault at all, If photos are sent & I can backtrack the order I would send you a replacement. 🖤 I understand things do happen. But with my Dangles I have changed them that I no longer need glue to make them so that should never happen for Dangles. I have yet to masture it with my ball studs. -the flat studs are all glue free as well! 

How long does it take items to be processed? 

I give orders a 15 day window for processing time, which means they could be shipped out anywhere from 1-15 business days. All depends on what’s going on; market prep, restocking items, life, & if it’s made to order or in stock & most of all, being a mom will always come first. But I try to get your orders out & shipped off as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for your patience & understanding.  🖤