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Meraki Collection - Claymer Studs - White rose  

These uniquely handmade / hand rolled earrings are made from scratch with polymer clay. The Claymer Studs are a part of my OG K Eleven jewelry, they were launched June 6th, 2018 and that’s what made this business take off.

Slight variations may apply with each pair, I try my best to match each pair of earrings together. But occasionally a ball isn’t rolled exactly the same as the others haha! 

Even though the brand of clay I use is very durable, & when warm or body temperature it is very flexible, I still tell my customers to Handle them with care, treat them as you would a pair of diamond earrings. If they are taken care of they will have a long life time.  

Earring Posts: Iron, nickel free.


**the earring posts are glued on, the adhesive is waterproof BUT I still tell my customers to avoid water, don’t sleep with them on etc to ensure they have a long life.

To clean use a damp cloth with water, or rubbing alcohol to wipe clean- this can be used with all my Dangles as well.